Beds on Finance

Find out where you can buy beds on credit online. We have found some of the top UK retailers that are providing a pay weekly or monthly payment plan on beds.

Buy now and pay later on Beds

Here we have searched through a huge number of online stores and catalogues to find the best finance options on beds, including retailers who offer pay monthly, pay weekly options and interest free credit of up to 52 weeks.

How does it work?

It's actually quite simple. Firstly, you find the retailer you wish to shop from. We have chosen some of the best one's in terms of the beds they offer and what credit options they provide. After that you will need to open a credit account with the store or catalogue. Once approved you can then begin shopping and choose the finance option that you wish to use. As long as you manage to pay back what you owe within your agreed period, you will pay no interest on the money you borrowed.

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What options are there?

You can choose to pay back what you owe on a weekly or monthly basis over a set period of time. Likewise you can choose this period of time with most stores offering up to a year period of interest free credit.

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We spend one third of our life in the bed! Yes, on an average we sleep for eight hours a day and the bed is where your body is recharged to face the challenges of the next day. So you should be extra careful while choosing the correct bed for you.

The best way to buy a comfortable bed is to buy the biggest one possible because in a larger area you get enough space for relaxing without disturbing your partner. The bed should be longer than the longest sleeping member. The size of the bedroom also should be taken into consideration. There should be enough space to open the cupboards and to open the bedroom door also.

You can buy a bed on finance. Many outlets offer easy credit options on beds. Benson for beds and sleep masters are the best stores who offer a wide range of products on their online stores. Littlewoods offers 0% interest and other methods of finance are available on a variety of branded products. Single double king size and super king sizes are in available. Some brands also offer discount on purchase of bedroom furniture along with beds. Home base offers more than 2000 models of beds on their online store with easy finance plans which will suit your pocket. The furniture village offers 3 years interest free credit and a five year quality guarantee from over 40 stores nationwide.

You can choose from sofa beds, divan beds, children beds, guest beds or adjustable with a wide range of head boards to suit your life. The best way to buy a bed is to lie down on the bed of your choice for at least 10 minutes before finalizing on it because by sitting on the edge of it you will never get the full feel of your bed in which you will relax for the next ten years of your life.